Romania's incumbent president Traian Basescu declared on Monday that "after Ceausescu's fleeing in 1989, those who took over the power got the army out in streets and killed 1,600 Romanians". Ex-president Ion Iliescu (PSD) tagged the statement as "irresponsible" and "false". "I heard many rude words and even insults from Mr. Traian Basescu. But what he allowed himself to declare on the airport, before going to Berlin, is a genuine abjection", Ion Iliescu writes on his blog.

"He - who is a profiteer both of the old regime and of the transition - allows himself to insult and launch serious accusations against those who took on risks and responsibilities during those heated moments of the Revolution, which he was not part of. The abjection is accusing the 'leaders following Ceausescu's execution, who would have taken the army on the streets to kill 1,600 Romanians'", Iliescu writes on.

The ex-president considers this claim "irresponsible", "false”, "an insult brought to the Revolution and its leaders" and, in his opinion, it reflects "an obvious ill will from a person lacking the sense of measure and responsibility, who occupies, unfortunately, the highest role in the state, which he dishonours".

"Instead of being respectful and pious towards those who, at that moment, took on risks and responsibilities, and not easy ones, he allows himself such outbreaks lacking basic common sense. It is regrettable!", Iliescu writes, expressing his hope that "the Romanian voters would tech him a lesson at the coming presidential elections".

President Traian Basescu accused "the leaders" who took over the power after Ceausescu tried to run away in 1989 that, "through propagandistic formula", "they got the army out on the streets and killed 1,600 Romanians". "After executing Ceausescu, it was decided that we have to fight against the terrorists", Romania's chief of state declared before leaving to Germany, where he took part in the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.