According to Lucian Croitoru, the ex-temporary designated PM that took over from Boc, the Romanian economy will recover and start to increase only in 2011. 2010 is going to be a recovery year. He believes that the re-launch of the Romanian economy is setback by the economic crisis, Romanian news agency Mediafax reads.

"The economic recovery will be slowed down by the political crisis. I believe that after the political crisis concludes, the global economy will make its influence felt on the Romanian economic growth re-launch. Therefore, I believe that 2010 will be a recovery year and 2011 will be a growth year", Lucian Croitoru stated on Thursday, in the opening of the Stock Exchange in Bucharest.

"Resuming of the economic growth in Romania depends mainly on what happens on a global scale. There are big economies, like the United States and Great Britain, starting to stabilise. The financial stimuli of these states start to run out and are being replaced by the investors' trust. The global economy will influence us through the same channels through which the crisis arrived, but with a delay still", Lucian Croitoru concluded.