A Commissionaire for the fight against poverty in the future Government - this is one of the social-democratic measures the PSD leader Mircea Geoana announced that he intended to initiate. According to NewsIn, another proposal Mircea Geoana came up with addressed the setting up of a Consultative Council for economic rebound, just like the American president Barack Obama did, reuniting top professionals and working alongside the future chief of state or PM.

The Commissionaire for the fight against poverty would represent a public spending evaluation mechanism, Mircea Geoana stated during a debate organised by the Professionals for Progress Association, where academicians, business people and union representatives took part.

"I believe that, in the future Government structure, a commissioner or a Commissionaire responsible for the fight against poverty and social exclusion, focusing on the social issues the Roma population faces and having the competences for Romania's severe demographic problems should be set up as an institution through which the state would act", the PSD leader stated.

"The Social-Democratic Party president also proposes the formation of a Consultative council for economic rebound, like the one Barack Obama, the US president, has, involving "a number of American top economists into an anti-crisis plan": "I dare invite you to think of a Consultative Council working with Romania's President and/or the Prime Minister to plan Romania's economic rebound".