President Traian Basecu declared on Sunday, during an electoral round-up in Sibiu (Central), that he appreciates Klaus Johannis, but "the person designating the Prime Minister is the President" and not "Felix, the informer", Romanian news agency Mediafax informs.

"I'd like to name for you the persons behind am abjection. This abjection of stopping the legislation promoted by Boc and to stop the referendum. It was a meeting at the company run by Felix the cat, in Grivco, where Ion Iliescu, Geoana, Hrebenciuc gather to decide a farce on Romanians, i.e. to take advantage of Johannis' naivety and invite him to be PM, while they pull the strings behind him", Basescu said. Mediafax notes that the 40,000 people present at the meeting with the president started whistling and booing on hearing these names.

"I have nothing against him, on the contrary, I have a special appreciation for Johannis, but not even out of respect for Johannis, I could not have let something to happen against democracy. According to the Constitution, the person designating the Prime Minister is Romania's chosen president, and not Felix, the informer", Basescu added.

In the beginning of the PD-L electoral round-up, Traian Basescu thanked Sibiu and its mayor Klaus Johannis for hosting the electoral meeting.

The mayor of Sibiu Klaus Johannis been proposed for the PM role by the leader of the Romanian National Liberal Party (PNL) Crin Antonescu, after the fall of the cabinet headed by Emil Boc. His proposal was backed by the Social-Democratic Party (PSD), the Democratic Assembly of the Hungarians from Romania (UDMR) and the national minorities' group. President Traian Basescu refused this proposal, naming Lucian Croitoru and, subsequently, Liviu Negoita.