President Traian Basescu declared on Tuesday that the vote in favour of the referendum renders him with optimism because it shows that Romanians want the reform of the state and of the political class. But he accuses politicians for "not understanding anything" from the vote cast by the people. He said he did not intend to negotiate with politicians in any way for the second round at the polls, stating that "votes are not for transactions". He noted that he did not see Iliescu and Vanghelie (PSD) letting the "Johannis" concession stand for to long, mentioning that his option for the head of the Government was a political one, but one that hid "no interests behind".

Other declarations Traian Basescu made:

  • Romanians want to end the privileges of the political class, the privileges from the salary system, fro the pensions' system. They want a reform for the state fast.
  • Romanians want the reform of the state because they understood where resources are lost: with privileges and with the political class. Romanians do have sufficient money for Mr. Voiculescu, Hrebenciuc, Vanghelie and others.
  • If we read well into the signal that the Romanians have given us, this can be extracted in several words: the financial resources are with the state, and Romanians requests from us to stop using them for making favours.
  • My only partner for the second round is the Romanian electorate, and not at all the politicians.
  • I address an electorate of 22 million Romanians, I'm not interested who they voted for in the first round.
  • Romanians opted between a candidate that has major obligations towards moguls, towards business people, and a free man, without obligations lacking transparency.
  • It was not the referendum the tool used for voting participation, I believe in a good attendance in the second round as well.
  • Romania cannot go back 15-20 years ago, in a complete silence. You can imagine how silent the TV channels will be with Mr. Geoana as president. And this toVantu and Voiculescu's happiness.
  • They embraced the technique of using interfaces. They want Geoana as president, but they stand behind. They want Johannis as PM, but they stand behind - Voiculescu, Iliescu, Hrebenciuc, Patriciu, Vantu.