The Romanian Competition Council is currently investigating cases that are already four or five years long. "I propose to reduce the mean duration towards the EC level. I have reorganised investigation teams for the asses that were 4 to 5 years old. We intend to finalise these belayed investigations during the course of next year", the president of the Competition Council from Romania Bogdan Chiritoiu declared during an online meeting with readers.

One such example is the investigation of the oil market, which has been going on since 2005. Bogdan Chiritoiu claims that this is a difficult case and it will be finalised in 2010. "This is, indeed, one of the investigations that have had a long course and which we hope to finalise next year. It is a difficult investigation", the Competition Council president said.

Bogdan Chiritoiu added that the Competition Law would be improved and the measures would be enforced in the year to come. "In the best case scenario, in the first quarter of next year. We need to finalise the law project depending on the proposals coming from the society and in relation with the degree of the political support", Chiritoiu stated. According to him, modifying the law would increase the Council's power in its relationship with the public authority.

Regarding the sanctions applied to societies that do not respect the competition principles, Chiritoiu claims that the institution he runs will be stricter in the future. "There is a tendency, especially in the difficult situations, to be merciful. Both I and my colleagues aim to be stricter in the future. Partly because, during this year, we have improved the so-called clemency programme, which offers substantial reductions for fined companies that admit their deeds and supply the Competition Council with evidence", Chiritoiu said. He mentioned that he is currently engaged in discussions with four companies regarding the enforcement of the clemency programme.