Romanian newspaper Curentul claims that PSD leader Mircea Geoana knew about the fact that Nicolae Popa, businessman Sorin Ovidiu Vintu's National Investment Fund (FNI)right hand was in Jakarta and that he extended his passport's validity up until July 16 2004 in order for him to obtain leave to stay in Indonesia. At this point, the presidential candidate was Romanian Foreign minister.

Curentul reads that following the Romanian embassy extending his passport, Nicolae Popa would have been eligible to get leave to remain in Jakarta.

Curentul reads that "according to Interior Ministry's 63354/23.09.2002 application signed by police superior Jenica Arion [the application presented by Curentul shows the registration number but it does not show the institution’s heading symbol], we learn that the Romanian authorities already knew that Nicolae Popa was in Jakarta and on top of that, that he extended his passport validity until 16.07.2004 at our embassy from Indonesia, but did nothing to bring him to Justice".

Ex-Gelsor manager Nicolae Popa has been arrested yesterday by the authorities in Jakarta. Known as businessman Sorin Ovidiu Vintu's FNI right hand, Popa was sentenced in 2006 by the Court in Bucharest to 15 years in prison for fraud, alongside Ioana Maria Vlas. Nicolae Popa managed Gelsor Group and was member of the Sov Invest Trust Council - the National Investment Fund (FNI) administration society. He fled Romania in 2000 and has been wanted by Romanian authorities for nine years.

Curentul reads that Nicolae Popa, a man close to businessman Sorin Ovidiu Vintu, "comes to the Romanian Embassy in Jakarta and its staff, professionally guided by their chief from Bucharest, Foreign minister Mircea Geoana, extend his passport so that he could get leave to remain in Indonesia, forgetting that Popa is wanted. It should be reminded that ambassador in Indonesia during this time was Gheorghe Savuica, a diplomat who inexplicably managed to escape the reform wave from the Foreign Affairs Ministry". read on Thursday that Mircea Geoana, PSD's presidential candidate, met with Sorin Ovidiu Vintu soon after midnight, after having been in a TV studio until 11 p.m. The meeting took place at Vintu's home in Paris Street. Geoana commented that "we discussed about what represents a correct relationship between two people". Asked if the late-hour discussions referred to Popa, Geoana replied: "I don't know who this Mr. Popa is. You make such insinuations to a man that can have civilised relations with somebody like Vintu, too".

Traian Basescu stated that Vintu [one of the moguls he has been accusing lately for trying to impose a premier] "has a big problem, one of the witnesses has been arrested".