The Social-Democrat candidate for Romania's presidency Mircea Geoana declared on Friday for RRA that he has launched tow messages during this campaign, namely one of unity and one addressing economic issues, while Traian Basescu, "a man that splits", talked about the past, Romanian news agency Mediafax informs.

"I was successful in this campaign and I am convinced I will continue to be successful until the end because I came with two very simple messages. A message of unity, which I have passed on with faith. The people see me and feel that I am a good man and a person that tries to gather around him competent people. The second message addresses economy, jobs, agriculture, economic re-launch extremely clear", Mircea Geoana stated.

In his opinion, Traian Basescu had "a campaign focused more on the past than on the future and did not utter, not at least once, jobs".

"Mr. Basescu is a man that rather splits than unites, he talks about the past. I am a man that unites and I talk to you about the future", Geoana appreciated.