"There are sufficient elements indicating that Basescu and his people want to cause violence and street movements, attempting to not recognise the Romanian people's sovereign vote" the PSD+PC candidate for Romania's presidency Mircea Geoana said during a press conference on Friday, according to Romanian press agency Agerpres.

"I am convinced that the country's citizens will understand that these challenges cannot be tolerated and that, in a EU member state, there has to be a correct and dignified power transfer, from president to president, just like from Mr. Iliescu to Mr. Constantinescu., and from Mr. Iliescu to Mr. Basescu, after a fight just as intense and tough, the social-democratic leader added.

Mircea Geoana used the occasion to launch an appeal to the state's institutions to due their duty on the day of the second round at the polls. He appreciated that Interior Ministry staff will know how to resist "the infernal pressures they are subjected to by Traian Basescu and by several who are trying to facilitate he elections through unfair means".