"The chances for the elections' results to be considered invalid are zero", Traian Basescu's spokesman for the electoral campaign Sever Voinescu declared. In an interview for RFI, Voinescu said that "the parties are in a post-traumatic state, after Traian Basescu winning the presidential elections". The lib-dem politician added: "the PDL-PNL compatibility is obvious", while "Crin Antonescu in a red jacket is a big disappointment".

Sever Voinescu's statements:

  • From our point of view, the chances are zero, because we know that this electoral round was correct. The fact that Mircea Geoana had dreams, believing the more or less debatable exit-polls, it's his business. Mr. Geoana's disillusioning process may be more painful, longer, maybe it must take a juridical form as well at some point, for him to relax. All in all, we are talking about someone very upset because, once more, his illusions were shattered. I remind you that Mr. Geoana tried to be mayor - it didn't work; he tried to be prime-minister - it didn't work; he's trying now to be president - it didn't and it doesn't work. Of course the man is somehow disappointed. I propose that we show him understanding for the next several days and allow him to understand his own failure.

Reporter: Mircea Geoana won in the country, but Traian Basescu imposed himself in the end because of the votes overseas. Was Traian Basescu advantaged by the time difference, bearing in mind that Romanians on the other side of the Ocean started to vote after the polls closed in the country, and, therefore, after the exit-polls were out?

  • The advantage could have belonged to Mr. Geoana. After all, Mr. Geoana tells everywhere he goes that he has been a glorious ambassador in the US and that the entire Romanian-American community adores him. From what I've noticed, things are opposite. The winner can always be attributed one or another conjuncture by the one who lost with an advantage.

Reporter: A complicated period lies ahead, addressing negotiations for a new Government, PDL favours PNL, but the liberal president Crin Antonescu allowed people to understand that this was out of the question. What will you do?

  • In his turn, Mr. Antonescu is going through a very agitated time. For me, personally, I can say this openly, Mr. Antonescu is a big disappointment. I would not have expected to see him in a red jacket, supporting Ion Iliescu's party and backing, almost hysterically, a president or a candidate that became famous from taking over from Ion Iliescu. If Mr. Antonescu wishes to take his party further into PSD, it's his and his party's business. I know that there already exists a very pro-PSD wing. There are PNL colleagues that are more PSD than PSD members themselves. But I believe that PNL continues to have a strong right-wing essence, stated proudly by many PNL members and leaders and I believe that this PDL - PNL compatibility is obvious. The other parties seem to digest with great difficulty Traian Basescu's victory and continue to remain in a rather post-traumatic psychological state. Some responsible political people understand what a popular vote in presidential elections means and, obviously, they re-map their political plans after this vote. If they want to persist in a stubborn mood, without the electorate's validation, and only out of their wish to have Traian Basescu out of power, that these leaders are in an incorrect political position.