The German Christian-democrat MP Gunther Krichbaum, the European Affairs Bundestag Commission president, gave an exclusive interview to Deutsche Welle, addressing the presidential elections in Romania.

DW: Traian Basescu won the elections by a very narrow limit. How do you see the result of these elections from where you're standing?

Gunther Krichbaum: It is, indeed, a tight victory, by it is, nevertheless, a victory. Therefore I personally congratulate him. He deserved it. It is a president sometimes uncomfortable, but a president whoe expresses his opinions clearly and I hope that Romania will calm soon and will have governance just as fast.

DW: What should president Basescu change in order for his second mandate to be more successful than the first?

Gunther Krichbaum: I believe he acted successful. But certain games in the Parliament before the presidential elections were unfavourable for the country. What matters now is to able to bring a stable governance, to keep the International Monetary Fund financial aid coming.

DW: Should Traian Basescu extend his hand to the conjuncture coalition that was formed against him?

Gunther Krichbaum: I believe there is a need for the political cohabitation culture. This also depends on the press institutions representatives. What happened before the elections was unacceptable. Objective reporting lacked and I am not aware for something like this to have happened in another European member state. It is not the political culture type specific for democracy, but rather a total lack of fair-play.

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