UPDATE Traian Basescu retrieved 1,260 ore votes and Mircea Geoana - 987. This is the final result announced by Romanian Central Electoral Office (BEC) after counting the voting bulleting made invalid in the second presidential round at the polls which took place on December 6. On Monday morning, BEC had to count votes from 34 voting overseas sections.

On Sunday evening, BEC finalised counting the 138,000 invalid votes from Romania. Results gave Traian Basescu 1,169 more votes and Mircea Geoana – 968, according to BEC.

After reexamining the invalid votes cast overseas in the Romanian presidential elections, the Central Electoral Office (BEC) members have re-validated 90 votes for incumbent president Traian Basescu and 19 for Mircea Geoana, political sources declared, quoted by NewsIn.

The invalid votes from overseas arrived in Romania on Monday morning. BEC has validated so far 1.169 votes in favour of Traian Basescu and 968 for Mircea Geoana, after counting the invalid votes from all 47 centres in the country, plus the Capital's six sectors, according to BEC.

The votes which were cast at the special sections and declared invalid count 137,206 bulletins. Out of these, 2,137 have been declared valid. BEC officials are to announce the result of the second presidential elections round invalid votes count today, at 3 pm.