Ex-Work minister Marian Sarbu declared on Friday that PSD could assume the governance on short-term: "I believe we can take responsibility the Work Ministry and not remain spectators".

Sarbu mentioned that if the party decides otherwise, he will not be part of the Executive: "If we step aside at this point, it can be associated with a form of cowardice".

Sarbu also stated:

  • I did not raise the issue of being backed by PD-L for one moment. I want to be supported by PSD.
  • I believe PSD could take responsibility even for joining the governance on a short term.
  • Mircea Geoana turned this party into an extremely democratic one.

Social-democrat Marian Sarbu declared on Thursday evening that he had discussed with Emil Boc, who proposed him to be Work minister in the future Cabinet. Sarbu will give his response today.