PSD vice-president Marian Sarbu declared that the party decided to not support him for the role of Work minister and that he respected the decision. Thus, he would not accept joining the Boc Cabinet.

"The party decided otherwise and, as I said, what the party decides if carved in stone. the subject is closed" Sarbu declared for NewsIn. "Of course I will not accept the minister role", he repeated.

Almost all PSD leaders refused to support vice-president Marian Sarbu for his Work Ministry leadership offer. Social-democratic sources said they do not expect Sarbu to take a different decision while involving the party.

PSD Vrancea leader Marian Oprisan declared before the National Executive Committee meeting that PSD must be part of a "constructive" opposition and offer the Government some easy six months, during which to support the Government if it lacks people with a helping hand, according to NewsIn. He said this would mean the same thing with PSD joining the governance.