All Boc Cabinet ministerial proposals have been approved so far. Here are the future Interior, Health, Environment, Public Finance, Education and National Defense Romanian ministers.

Vasile Blaga was proposed for the Interior and Administration Ministry leadership in the new Boc Cabinet. He was approved on Tuesday the parliamentary specialty commission, with 46 votes in favour, 10 against and 4 abstentions. Blaga is not new to MAI: he ran it during December 2004 - April 2007, under the Tariceanu Government. From December 2008 up to present, Blaga headed the Regional Development and Residency Minister.

The proposal for the Public Finance Ministry leadership, Sebastian Vladescu, was approved by the parliamentary commissions, with 36 votes in favour and two against. He said that the situation of Romanian Finance is fragile and serious adjustments need to take place. The good news: the taxes will not increase. The bad news: in the absence of adjustments, Romania faces inflation. He believes Romania's got enough resources to come out of the downturn.

Daniel Funeriu was approved by the Parliament to head the Education Ministry. He passed with 29 votes in favour, 7 against and two abstentions, Romanian press agency NewsIn informs. During the hearings, the LibDem pledged to find the necessary resources to get 6% of the GDP for his department. Before the hearings, he tagged himself as a "moderate optimist" when it comes to the budget, but said he would make sure teachers and professors received their "full" salaries and "in time".

Cseke Attila was approved to lead the Health ministry. He was voted unanimously by all the parliamentary commissions' members, Romanian news agency Mediafax informs. 25 out of 28 MPs were present at his hearing. "This is an unique vote in today's validations and Health Ministry's history, because he's a young man that needs support" Deputies' Health Commission president Rodica Nassar said.

Gabriel Oprea was proposed for the National Defence portfolio. He was approved by the hearing commissions, with 20 votes in favour and two against. Oprea said that he believed Traian Basescu will support him in getting the right budget for MApN.

Laszlo Borbely was proposed and approved for the Environment minister role. The commissions for public administration and agriculture from the Romanian Parliament passed him with 53 votes in favour and 8 against, according to NewsIn.