All the 15 politicians proposed for the leadership of a ministry in Boc IV Cabinet have been approved by parliamentary special commissions on Tuesday, December 22, 2009. The commission’s approval has a consultative nature. On Wednesday morning, the approval vote for the new Romanian Government is scheduled to take place in the Parliament's plenum. Here are the last four ministers to be passed.

Catalin Predoiu was approved to continue heading the Justice Ministry in the Boc IV Cabinet. During the hearings on December 22, he accused the Magistrates Superior Council (CSM) for the hostility shown towards the Justice Ministry and for allegedly leading a "manipulation policy", according to NewsIn. Predoiu's priorities list in his new mandate features the reform of the Public Ministry and improving the legislation according to which CSM functions.

Mihai Seitan is the new Work minister. He was approved today by the parliamentary commissions, with 36 votes in favour and 17 against.

In her turn, Elena Udrea was approved to lead the regional development and Tourism Ministry, with 43 votes in favour, 4 against and abstention. During her hearings she claimed that as Tourism minister, she worked better with the local authorities than she did with the Parliament.

Mihail Dumitru was proposed for the Agricultural ministry and was approved by the parliamentary commissions, with 58 votes in favour and one abstention.

The rest of the list includes

  • Vasile Blaga - Interior and Administration Ministry
  • Sebastian Vladescu – Finance Ministry
  • Adriean Videanu – Economy, Commerce and Business Ministry
  • Kelemen Hunor – Culture Ministry
  • Teodor Baconschi – Foreign Affairs Ministry
  • Daniel Funeriu – Education Ministry
  • Radu Berceanu – Transports and Infrastructure Ministry
  • Laszlo Borbely – Environment and Forestry Ministry
  • Gabriel Oprea – National Defense Ministry
  • Cseke Atilla – Health Ministry
  • Gabriel Sandu – Communications Ministry