Prosecutor's Offece officials from the High Court of Justice confirmed on Tuesday, December 22 2009, that a verdict has been issued in the case of Elena Udrea and the corruption allegations, ruling that the new Regional Development and Tourism minister will not face penal investigations, NewsIn informs. The parliamentary commission that verified Elena Udrea's activity as Tourism minister requested in September for Udrea to be put under penal investigations.

The information was made public today by PD-L leader Mircea Toader, in an interview for Romanian radio station Realitatea FM, adding that now there is nothing in the way of Udrea being designated Regional Development minister. According to him, Elena Udrea announced her party colleagues before being approved by the parliamentary commissions for her new role in the Boc IV Cabinet.

The parliamentary commission for investigation accused Elena Udrea of abusing her role, neglecting her attributions, instigation to abuse against public interest and conflict of interests. The parliamentary commission verified Udrea's activity as Tourism minister and requested the Deputies Chamber to start a penal investigation in her case.

Tourism minister Elena Udrea was twice invited to the investigation commission's hearings. They were investigation the way she spent public money allocated to her department.

Udrea showed up both twice, only to severely criticise the commission's members, accusing the deputies that their aim was to fabricate a penal dossier with her name on ot. She left the commission, without taking part in the hearings or to answer the deputies' questions, after having claimed the commission was illegal.