Significant cuts are expected in the state system in 2010. "The budget passed now through the Parliament will reduce certain staff spending. For this reason, certain areas will see staff cuts", Work minister Mihai Seitan declared for Romanian TV channel Realitatea.

Asked how many will lose their job in 2010, Seitan declared that there was no exact evaluation but, overall, "there will be 70-80.000 restructured jobs in the public system". "The number is difficult to estimate, but the cuts will happen gradually and people will join the re-skill circuit", Work minister declared.

Mihai Seitan underlined that state incomes would not drop, according to the salary law. Pensions won't be cut either in 2010. In regards to the budget la, it is finalised, it has been discussed with the IMF representatives to Bucharest and it is now undergoing scrutiny in the Parliament. "We will request urgency in its debate by the Parliament. We hope that the Parliament will have voted it by spring", Seitan declared.