The greatest danger for the liberals in Romania at this moment is "a tactical deal between PDL and PSD" to introduce the majority uninominal vote, in one or two voting rounds. The warning comes from Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, liberal ex-Romanian PM, who writes on his blog that such an understanding would marginalise PNL and "would prepare the grounds for bi-partite-ism".

"Nothing would suit the ex-FSN colleagues better than a simplified political system, where they would share power. PSD and PDL are opponents, but this would not prevent them from collaborating to marginalise PNL. How? Simple: by sharing the power at local level and by introducing the uneven majority voting system", the liberal writes.

The ex-Executive chief claims that "the ex-collaborators for the Johannis project will plot against PNL". "It is time for all liberals to understand this and leave aside the romantic politics of the declarations' battles. It is time for realpolitik." Tariceanu also writes about the issue of the liberals joining the governing. "PNL is the middle-gentry party. (...) PSD-PDL had a governance set to destroy the Romanian middle-class, meaning our voters. (...) That is why I have also said several weeks ago that we need to consider joining the governance".

"In opposition, PNL needs to learn realpolitik. We need to learn to be pragmatic. (...) Unfortunately, PNL seems rather guided by personal interest at present, without a vision and a strategic object to allow it to continue the upward tendency stricken in 2004", Calin Popescu Tariceanu accused.