LibDem leaders discussed about respecting an accelerated schedule for approving the state budget law for 2010 on Monday, during the Political Office session. On January 5 the amendments can be submitted. The final vote needs be around January 12-14, so that in January 15 Romania will have a budget, the PD-L vice-president Gheorghe Flutur declared.

"Our wish is to vote the state budget in the first half of January because an International Monetary Fund delegation will return to Romania", Flutur added.

During the Monday session, PD-L leaders agreed that delivering pensions and salaries in time was a governmental priority, as well as making sure there are enough funds for investments.

"PD-L considered this accelerated schedule to vote the state budget and we trust that we will be able to recover over the three months lost due to the political crisis", the LibDem vice-president noted.