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World Bank: Romania does not have many state clerks. It's about efficiency and unequal pay

de Carla Dinu, transl/adapt. C.B.
Vineri, 15 ianuarie 2010, 10:46 English | Politics

The Romanian state does not employ an exaggerated number of clerks, but there is the issue of efficiency and unequal pay, bearing in mind that in some areas salaries are exceptional, temporary World Bank Office manager in Bucharest Arntraud Hartmann considers.

"Romania did not have many state employees when we started working locally, in the beginning of the '90s, but a relatively small system of employees and very small incomes. The later rises have been justified, both the number and the increase in salaries. You can't attract good professionals with such incomes and you can't fill so many roles with so little people. Currently, the system's dimension seems adequate. It's not the classical situation when the system is overcrowded, but it is rather a matter of efficiency and public clerks payment", Hartman declared for Romanian news agency Mediafax. Hartman headed the World Bank mission during 1992-1996.

She explained that there are currently areas of the public domain where incomes are exceptional. "I'm professor in Germany and I thought that maybe I should start working in Romania", Hartman continued.

In regards with the unique income scheme, Hartman underlined the importance of a transparent payment system. She also considers that on medium term, it is efficient to build an efficient government, since research has shown that a sustainable economic growth needs such management. She pointed out Germany, where graduates aim to become public clerks and usually, students with high grades end up working for the administration, which is independent from the political changes.

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