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Mircea Geoana: I don't believe in energy attacks, my words have been distorted

de Alina Neagu, transl/adapt. C.B.
Marţi, 19 ianuarie 2010, 17:34 English | Politics

Mircea Geoana
"I haven't spoken about anything of that sort. I said that I have remarked a person who seemed to me that it's place was not there [electoral campaign confrontations]. That's all. I don't believe in these issues and I don't want to comment these issues. I believe my words have been distorted", the social-democratic leader Mircea Geoana said on Tuesday, quoted by Romanian news agency Mediafax, addressing the publicity enjoyed by his and his wife's declarations regarding the alleged "energetic attacks" in the campaign.

"I haven't spoken of such a thing, this is not the subject. In a way, I believe the desire for sensationalism and for making things ridiculous or to use our internal campaign is obvious. I haen't spoken about anything of that sort and I don't believe in these issues", Geoana added.

PSD's leader declaration follow his wife's statements made during a Romanian TV channel Antena 3 show, saying that she and her husband believed they have been subject of an "energetic attack" during the electoral campaign, including during the final debate before the second round at the presidential polls.

In his turn, Mircea Geoana had previously stated that, as opposed to the state chief who was allegedly surrounded by individuals with paranormal powers, he did not believed in esoteric forces: "I don't believe, in occidental Intelligence services and Soviet ones in the ex-communist region, I know there is an entire research around these subjects, with energy and similar staff. Many people believe it. Mr. Basescu must certainly believe it because he used and still uses these techniques, including people I saw at the Cotroceni Palace, which belong to this category.

"Let's not look for childish excuses but I saw during the debate (...) people who work with Basescu in this domain, located at the right of the camera, like the colleague from the fourth camera... They were doing their job. What on earth they did, I don't know, but I saw them with my own eyes, I know who they are. And I saw them later at the presidential palace, Cotroceni, during discussions with the political parties. The same citizen, saying there quiet, in a corner, in his home, in Romanian President's house. There must be something there, gentlemen!", the PSD leader said on Friday evening.

The first to have mentioned paranormal phenomena in the electoral campaign was PSD's campaign coordinator, Viorel Hrebenciuc. He talked in December, after the second round at the polls, about the electoral debate between Traian Basescu and Mircea Geoana, saying that usually on Thursday Basescu reaches top fitness because it is the day of the violet flame. He mentioned PDL members wearing violet clothing during the campaign. He said this was no trivial matter and should not be mocked.

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