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Social Democratic interest groups align: Mitrea and Iliescu sustain Nastase / Geoana lobbies in the country

de A.C.
Joi, 11 februarie 2010, 19:38 English | Politics

Only 9 days before the Social Democratic Party Congress, interest groups within the party regroup behind the candidates standing for the party's leadership, Mircea Geoana and Adrian Nastase. Ion Iliescu and Miron Mitrat officially endorse Adrian Nastase while on the other side, Geoana seems to benefit from the support of various local party organizations.

President of the National Council, Adrian Nastase summoned the commission organizing the Congress. In the meeting mainly Geoana's adversaries were present: Miron Mitra, Cristian Diaconescu, Titus Corlateanu, Ion Iliescu. Current PSD leader Geoana was visiting local party organizations at the time.

Even if Iliescu did not officially endorse Nastase, his gestures seem to confirm it. Sources within the party declared that Nastase and Iliescu are trying to delay the Congress. At his turn, Geoana declared that the Congress will be postponed only if the winter conditions will paralize the country.

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