"It was not the case of a foreign state's involvement in the April 2009 events. We cannot say that Romania or other states were involved and staging the events. We need to clarify this inside the country. The problem is that there is no database with pictures of the agents provocateurs", Republic of Moldova Prosecutor General Valeriu Zbuco stated of Friday, February 12 2010, during a press conference, quoted by Jurnal de Chisinau.

His declarations follow the statements made by republic of Moldova ex-president, communist Vladimir Voronin, accusing Romania repeatedly of involvement in staging the violent protest from Chisinau in April last year.

Republic of Moldova's prosecutor general announced that there are 106 notices regarding the actions of the force orders which led to the torture of young people in April 2009. Eight such cases have already been sent to court and there is a penal case involving a policeman's attempt of murder.

Valeriu Zbuco added that an investigation will establish if ex-PM Zinaida Grecianii has any connection with the use of gun fire against the protesters on April 7, 2009.

On April 5 2009, the Republic of Moldova hosted parliamentary elections. A day later, the Electoral Commission announced the victory of the Communist Party. Several hours after, 20,000 Moldavians, most of them young people, were gathering in front of the Presidency headquarters, accusing election fraud.

The protest was made popular with the help of a Twitter campaign. The opposition party joined the sentiment and announced that they will not recognise the results of the parliamentary elections.

On April 7, the number of protesters continued to grow and the first incidents occurred between them and the order forces. Tens of people were wounded and the precise number of dead is not known even today. Many young people died then in suspect circumstances, during police arrest.