Victor Ponta is the new President of the Social Democratic Party. The final results reveal that Ponta obtained 856 votes and Mircea Geoana, his main countercandidate 781. Mircea Geoana declared after the results that he wishes Ponta all the success in the world. He added that he is a young man with perspective and urged all Social Democrats to sustain him.

Here is the complete list of the 15 Vice Presidents elected:

Ecaterina Andronescu, Dan Nica, Gheorghe Nichita, Ion Toma, Marian Vanghelie, Rodica Nassar, Constantin Nita, Ion Prioteasa, Robert Negoita, Titus Corlatean, Ioan Calea, Marian Oprisan, Ioan Chelaru, Valeriu Zgonea, Adrian Severin

Here are some of the most important declarations made along the day

3: 28 AM Victor Ponta

  • You will not believe it, but I am a little tired
  • This congress was an opportunity to meet my colleagues, to know my party
  • I thank Mr Geoana
  • I did not prepare a winner's speech
  • I wish to prepare the party's unity
  • I have all the respect for the other three candidates, but I did not hide my wish to work with Liviu Dragnea
  • I believe that, starting on Monday, the Social Democratic Party has a new chance - a chance to prove it can make a change, that it can accept an annoyingly young President for this party, that it has the power to be an alternative
  • I thank everybody
  • This congress reveals one more time that it is capable to find a solution
  • I wish to believe that Iliescu, Nastase and Geoana will be by my side to start a project and implement it

3.22 AMMircea Geoana

  • We proved that we are democratic party
  • Despite my normal sourness, I wish Ponta all the best
  • Ponta is a young man, with perspective and I urge you to be by his side
  • Unity is very important, more important than ego
  • this tight vote reveals a profound fracture in the party
  • I will be in the service of this country and as long as I will be in politics, I will be a Social Democrat
  • I thank the whole team who was by my side in these five years
  • I urge you to have faith in the new leadership of our party

3:00 AM Mircea Geoana about Victor Ponta: Now he is a President of the party, he does not speak so easily

2:50 AM Victor Ponta: on Monday, we start working

2:35 AM Victor Ponta is the new President of the Social Democratic Party

02:00 AM Victor Ponta took lead with 509 - 455 in front of Mircea Geoana

1:50 AM The score is very tight, sources indicate an almost perfect equality among the candidates

00:20 AM Voting ended, the counting begins