The Romanian and Bulgarian governments are analysing the possibility of cancelling the car fee drivers pay when they cross the Giurgiu-Ruse Bridge over the Danube, Romanian news agency Mediafax informs.

The two PMs discussed the possibility of cutting the tax on Friday, February 26 2010, in Sofia. The proposal is to be analysed by the resort ministers from the two south-east European states. "We have discussed the issue of cancelling the tax for cars crossing the bridge to Ruse and to repair the bridge so that, by the time the Vidin-Calafat bridge is completed, this is functional", Bulgarian PM Boiko Borisov declared after his meeting with Emil Boc.

The Bulgarian prime-Minister indicated that there are nine bridges over the Danube, while between Romania and Bulgaria there is just one, and in "not such a good state".

Many Bulgarian MEPs stated last year that the fee charged on crossing the bridge over the Danube breeches the European norms and the free travel principle. They have requested for the fee to be cancelled, indicating that if this doesn't happen, the matter might end up on the desk of the European Court of Justice.