Romanian Liberal-Democrat party (PDL) president, PM Emil Boc, declared on Friday that he had discussed with coalition partners to modify the current law, so that the political umbrella is removed from the public radio station and TV channel, Romanian news agency Mediafax informs.

Eml Boc told members taking part at the party's National Coordination Council that the promises PDL made while in opposition must not be forgotten, indicating that the LibDems have not named their representatives in TVR and SRR administration councils. He accused the involvement of politics into the public television and radio affairs.

"Let's not forget about the things we promised in opposition, like removing political influence from the [public] radio and television. Neither us, nor the President named our representatives in the administration councils while we were the opposition party, accusing the mechanism of involving political interests in the affairs of the radio and TV. Now that we are in power, we cannot go back on our yesterday's word and on what we have discussed with our coalition partners. We asked them to respect the commitment we've made, to modernise the law which is now in the senate and to find a mechanism that would take these public radio and TV services from under the political umbrella", Emil Boc said.

He indicated that this decision was a proof of the fact that PDL is serious and does what it promises.

"This is a proof of our earnestness, (...), even though it would be much more convenient for us, now in power, it would be very easy to impose our people, like PSD did with the [public] television, and to close our eyes to the things we've said while in opposition. It's not fair and it's not healthy, neither for the democratic system in Romania, nor for our relationship with the citizens", the PDL leader added.