What is the Social Democratic strategy in opposition and how does the arrest of ex- PSD member, Senator Voicu affects the image of the party? What is Ponta's take on the fact that more and more people are leaving the party? PSD President Victor Ponta discussed online with HotNews.ro readers.

Here are some of the most important remarks he made

  • I think that all politicians must be aware that they answer before the law, after all
  • I will take a stand on a case only when it will concern a political abuse which was clearly not the case in the case of Senator Catalin Voicu
  • I agree with the lustration law as a moral sanction but not as a judicial one because I think it is too late.
  • Those affected by a lustration law in Romania would be those from the independent group in the Parliament and probably PM Boc who was an activist before 1989
  • My strategy for the reform of the Social Democratic Party will regard the younger generation
  • I plan to create a constructive opposition to the Democrat Liberals
  • I want to believe that by 2012, the Social Democratic Party, under my lead, will put forward a new social and economic model for the post-crisis period in Romania. We will most probably present it in 2011, to have the chance to discuss it publicly.