The Romanian Government listened to PM Emil Boc's request and set up a inter-ministerial working group to analyse the car pollution tax, according to the Government's spokeswoman Ioana Muntean. There was another inter-ministerial group formed to develop the electrical car in Romania. Part of the second group are Economy Ministry reps, and specialists Transport, Finance and Environment ministries and from the National Authority for Scientific Research.

Economy minister Adriean Videanu claims that the two car producers present in Romania, namely Renault and Ford, can develop the electrical car. "They are among the pioneers of the electric car research and I believe this is a great opportunity for Romania to try to develop and encourage the electrical car", Videanu said.

PM Emil Boc declared on Tuesday that he was convinced this type of technology will evolve in Romania over the next few years. "The electric car has major benefits, among which the creation of a new infrastructure. We need a new infrastructure. We need to lead discussions with the profile industry to assess how we can promote this car", Boc said. Recently, the PM declared that this would be the car of the future in 10 to 20 years from now and hat Romania "needs to prepare, like the entire European Union does".

The inter-ministerial group for assessing the car pollution tax will be coordinated by an Environment Ministry representative and will include Economy and Finance ministries reps, European Affairs Department reps and a PM Councillor.

Ioana Muntean stated that a new car tax analysis was needed because of the requests the business environment has made.