National Liberal party (PNL) President Crin Antonescu announced on Tuesday that the liberals will not take part in the meeting with President Traian Basescu, Government representatives, parties, unions and patronages reps in the Parliament. "From now on, we will not take part in any discussions with Traian Basescu and Emil Boc [PM]", he said.

Crin Antonescu said yesterday that the liberals would take part in the Tuesday meeting with representatives of patronages, unions, Government parties and presidency because this was a meeting called by the unions.

On Tuesday, the liberal leader declared that "all those who will support the enforcement of this plan which will ruin" Romania "will pay the political price sooner or later".

Crin Antonescu added he was rejecting the plan announced by Traian Basescu and that PNL would not vote "this second nationalization" which splits Romanian in first class and second class citizens.

He stressed on a message for UDMR, the Hungarian Party, "the only serious formation" from the current Government: "There is no excuse for complicity with Traian Basescu and Emil Boc in the face of this attack against Romanian".

President Traian Basescu is meeting on Tuesday at the Parliament with Government, parties and parliamentary political groups' representatives, with the national minorities' parliamentary group, national union and patronages reps.

After the meeting on Sunday with union leaders, the chief of state announced they agreed for the union leaders to form a group for analysis.