"We should all show solidarity", the Romanian Economy minister Adriean Videanu declared, referring to the possible cut in salaries in the state sector and state companies. He said the Finance Ministry should find a solution in this sense. "From the point of view of IMF negotiations, this issue [cutting the salaries' fund by 25%] addresses strictly those in the public sector. But I think we should all show solidarity and make an effort in this sense. But probably the Finance Ministry will find a solution on this perspective", Videanu said.

Some representatives of state-owned companies told HotNews.ro that they did not receive any information on the way a possible cut in salaries could be applied.

"I don't know what it is going to happen, I did not hear of any decision regarding national companies. If there will be a normative act addressing pay cuts, then we will obey. CNADNR is a company administrated by the Transport Ministry, and the Transport Ministry responds to the Government. Therefore, whether this measure will affect us a well depends of what's going on there", National Highway and National Roads Company (CNADNR) general manager Dorina Tiron said.

"I don't know, let's see. At the moment I don't know if they took a decision on national agencies. We're waiting, everything is possible", S.N. Transgaz deputy general manager Ioan Rusu said.

"I wasn't informed on salary cuts and I don't know how that is possible, especially when we are a state commercial agency. It all depends on the decision the Government will take. But I can't tell you anything for certain now", Metrorex general manager Gheorghe Udriste said.

"I didn't hear anything on pay cuts with us. Honestly, I'm not sure it is possible. We are a commercial society with state capital and we've got a different status", SC Hidroelectrica's manager said in his turn.