The General strike from the Romanian public administration system could be moved from May 31st to the day the government will go to the Parliament with the austerity measures plan for which it intends to take responsibility; or for the day the opposition's censorship measure will be debated, union alliance Sed Lex president Vasile Marica announced on Monday, May 24, quoted by Mediafax.

"It is possible to take place on Monday, May 31, and then the strike will be during the announced day. Or it is possible to take place on Friday and then we will postpone it by three days. The administration union workers are not going to call a strike over an unlimited period of time, but they only show solidarity towards the teachers for one day", Vasile Marica declared.

Unions announced they will organise one day of general strike on May 31. Additionally, Education unions have announced a general strike for an unlimited period of time, starting May 31.