Romanian President Traian Basescu has called a meeting for tomorrow, May 25, with representatives of the parliamentary groups supporting the current government, to discuss the set of austerity measures proposed by the Executive, Agerpres informs.

The chief of state held a similar meeting last Thursday, with the party and parliamentary group's leaders supporting the governing coalition taking part.

"The President will hold meetings with the parliamentary groups on Tuesday - I don't know if he will meet the opposition as well - but categorically within the region that supports the power and all these meetings will try to find subtle regulating measures of the measures we have been talking so far", deputy Varujan Pambuccian, the leader of the Chamber of Deputies' national minorities group declared.

During the last Thursday meeting, president of the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) Emil Boc, president of the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR) Marko Bela, president of the National Assembly for Romania's Progress Marian Sarbu, executive president of the same formation Gabriel Oprea, the leader of the national minorities group Varujan Pambuccian and other party and parliamentary groups from the governing coalition took part.

According to a Presidential Administration communiqué, Traian Basescu asked the Government last week to prove a maximum openness towards the unions and opposition parties through constant information on the measures to be taken by the Executive.

"The chief of state asked the governing coalition representatives to secure transparency in regards to the public sector salary spending. Additionally, President Traian Basescu requested the Government to prove maximum openness towards the unions and opposition political parties, by constantly informing on the measures taken by the Executive", the press communiqué released after last Thursday meeting read.