Romanian President Traian Basescu asked in a letter the speakers of the two Chambers of the Parliament to adopt the Penal Code and the Civil Code.

"As you already know, Romania is still under the Cooperation and Monitoring Mechanism for justice and fight against corruption.

An important step of the monitoring process addressing reforms in the justice department is the European Commission Report, which is due to be adopted this summer.

A positive evaluation occurring in this document could be possible if the Romanian parliament is going to adopt the Penal Code and the Civil Code as soon as possible.

In this sense, I go back to the letter sent to you in April this year, asking you to adopt the two codes mentioned above by the end of this parliamentary session", reads the letter sent by the chief of state to the Senate's Speaker Mircea Geoana and the deputies Chamber Speaker Roberta Anastase.

On March 23, the European Commission noted in the evaluation report the reform in the judicial system recorded modest results and urged Romania to intensify the efforts to provide for a rapid adoption of the Civil and Penal Codes, as well as the legislation for the implied impact studies, before the summer evaluation.

The Senate's Speaker Mircea Geoana declared last month that the Romanian Parliament was going to adopt the two codes by June.