Romanian MEP Laszlo Tokes (EPP / UDMR- the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania) was proposed by the European Popular Party group for the role of European Parliament vice-president, to replace Hungarian MEP Pal Schmitt, on Wednesday, June 8, Agerpres informs.

Laszlo Tokes is the Hungarian reformed bishop who helped spark the Romanian 1989 Revolution, which first started in Timisoara (West), where he was preaching.

The decision was supported by the Romanian delegation to EPP, formed by 11 Liberal-Democratic MEPs and three UDMR MEPs.

The role is currently a vacancy following Pal Schmitt's re-election as Speaker of the Parliament in Budapest. Pal Schmitt was vice-president of the Hungarian political party FIDESZ during 2003 - 2007 and MEP since 2004.