Romanian Prime-Minister Emil Boc notified the opposition MPs that they have misedited the censorship motion, elaborating a text which refers to the pensions' law, already approved by the Parliament, and accused them of plagiarism, namely that they copy-pasted solid paragraphs from an article published in the Romanian press.

"You've got no idea of the world you're living in. Consciously or unconsciously, you mixed the laws to defend your privileges", Boc said, quoted by Mediafax.

"You are not even able to conceive the text of your motion", Boc said, constantly booed by the MPs.

He declared that the censorship motion text presented in the Parliament addresses both the project that reduces salaries and pensions and the law project that eliminates special pensions, for which no motion has been submitted.

The PM claimed that he failed to notice any concrete proposal in the motion and that its text is an example of populism and demagogy.