Deputies met PM Emil Boc on Wednesday and asked for solid measures to restructure and reshuffle the Government. PDL vice-president Ioan Olteanu told the PM that should these measures not be applied, he was going to lose the support of the deputies. Both the senators and the deputies press the PM to restructure and reshuffle the Government. The Lib Dem MPs are to meet on Sunday, in Snagov, with the Boc Cabinet ministers, with regional leaders and President Traian Basescu.

Lib Dem sources told that President Traian Basescu might have another meeting with the PDL parliamentary groups this Sunday in Snagov. This follows the increasingly frequent discussions about governmental reshuffle and it is scheduled for June 19, when the President was invited to attend. Basescu has not yet confirmed his presence.

According to sources, the Government must present in Snagov a coherent governance programme, the evaluation of all ministers and state secretaries, as well as the projects regarding staff cuts in the public sector.

PM Emil Boc came to the Parliament to thank deputies for their vote that failed the censorship measure. Behind close doors, deputies complained about regional problems. "The party wanted clarifications regarding regional investment funds, European funds; each minister presents the contracts, the approved projects, the current evaluations, in order to know what to tell people about investments and creation of jobs", PDL vice-president Sulfina Barbu said.

According to the sources taking part in the discussions, during the meeting with PDL deputies and PM Boc, the Government's Speaker was warned by deputy Ioan Oltean that in case he does not work a Cabinet reshuffle, he was going to lose the MPs support for the next censorship motion and the support in the Parliament for the following law drafts promoted by the Government. Oltean was applauded by his colleagues after this statement.

During the last two weeks, several PDL MPs have repeatedly asked for a Boc Cabinet reshuffle. After the censorship motion failed, the senators and deputies returned to the public statements, asking changes in the Government.

PDL senator Cristian Radulescu told Realitatea TV reporters: "There are some ministers that stopped half-way in regards to the restructure of their ministries. In my opinion, a reshuffle is necessary, at least a partial one".

PDL deputy Raluca Turcan for RFI: "From where I'm standing, it is worth considering the issue of reshuffle. I want to see a clear analysis, with data, with clear answers for the questions: Are all ministries functioning efficiently? Have they reduces the number of state secretaries to the minimum, in the context of austerity? Is the number of agencies the minimum possible, so that they can reach their purpose? If we continue to waste, to pay people excessively compared with the work they produce while they enjoy all sorts of stimuli and facilities, I find it adequate to rethink this governmental apparatus structure".

PDL Senate group leader Traian Igas for Mediafax: "In the opinion of the PDL senators, there's is a need to reduce staff in all ministries and subordinate agencies, parallel to a rectified salary. The reshuffle is the PM's prerogative. (...) I cannot recommend the PM how many ministries this Government needs in order to function".

The meeting in Snagov comes two weeks after the President met, in the same place, with PDL MPs, before the censorship motion. At that point, Basescu promised MPs that after the vote on the censorship motion, they were going to meet and discuss the issues in PDL addressing the ministers.

The President accused some ministers for lying to the PM: "While the PM was talking about the austerity measures which he needed to take responsibility for, certain ministers were hiring in their own cabinets and declaring there was no need to cut staff in their back yard".

Traian Basescu asked the Government to "cut all roles in ministries and state agencies that have been created for political clientele".