The Main Romanian governing party, PDL, is meeting on Monday, June 21, starting with 6pm, in an extraordinary session to decide what to do with their own MPs who voted in favour of the censorship motion last week.

The "Stop the social genocide" censorship motion was submitted by PSD - the Social-Democratic Party. It failed to pass through the Parliament, raising 228 votes in favour, instead 236, what was required for it to pass, and 197 votes against. Three votes were cancelled.

Several PDL MPs voted in favour of the censorship motion, although it was rumoured they were going to be sacked if they did that. Among them are Teo Trandafir (known to the Romanian public for her TV career), Clement Negrut, Mircia Giurgiu, Georgica Severin, Petru Filip and Viorel Badea.