Hungarian Prime-Minister Semjen Zsolt declared on Sunday during his visit to Alba-Iulia (Central-West) that Hungary wouldn't want to see the mining project from the gold mine in Rosia Montana happening because there is no guarantee for the safety of the environment, Romanian news agency Mediafax informs.

Semjen Zsolt said there are two important aspects addressing this issue: the fact that the Romanian laws are decisive and that the environment protection and the international law addressing it are important.

"Bearing in mind there is no guarantee in what concerns the environmental protection, we wouldn't like to see this project becoming reality", Semjen Zsolt said.

"The Hungarian official said this wasn't about a Hungarian-Romanian dispute, but regards the environment, which affects both Romanians and Hungarians.

"Without being an environment specialist or environmental engineer, I know it entails a very old technology that we don't use it anymore. We don't say "No" to this programme, but that further discussions need to be held in this sense", Semjen Zsolt said.

Asked whether Hungary intended to organise debates or specialised discussions addressing the Rosia Montana project, Hungarian vice-PM Semjen Zsolt said that despite the fact he was not a niche minister, he considers such discussion important.