The Romanian Government is to discuss with the Central Bank (BNR) reps a plan for economic recovery early next week. One of the alleged measures is an additional tax for banks and a new crediting product for SMEs, Romanian Environment and Forests minister Laszlo Borbely declared on Monday, June 17, quoted by Mediafax.

"We discussed in the coalition about the opportunity of a set of additional measures roe the economy's recovery. We decided in favour of a meeting between the Government and the Romanian Central Bank representatives next week, when we'll discuss the measures which we're thinking to propose", Laszlo Borbely from the Hungarian Union (UDMR) said.

According to him, the measures to be proposed by the Boc Cabinet have not been proposed yet, but some of them are being analysed. Among them, the Environment minister counted an additional tax for banks, according to a pattern discussed at a European level, but also a new crediting product for SMEs.

The additional costs imposed on banks may be supported by clients

BancPost president Mihai Bogza told that any additional cost imposed on banks may affect clients at least partially.

"The banking environment has always been open to discussions with the Government on any economic recovery measure. We do not necessarily reject the idea of an additional tax, but a there must be a dialogue before so that it does not lead to an effect that is opposite to intentions", he added.

Contacted by, Transilvania Bank executive president Robert Rekkers declined any comment of the issue.