Pensions and salaries in Romania will not be reach their 2010 level next year, Finance minister Sebastian Vladescu declared today, June 23. This did not want to explain his statement, leaving room for interpretations. "They will definitely not reach the 2010 level. I mean their level after cuts", the Finance minister said.

According to him, the budget law will decide the pensions. Vladescu said that he sent the two parliamentary chambers' Speakers a letter, drawing attention on the risk addressing the state budget, namely that it would not be successful in transferring the money needed for the pensions fund balance. The letter reads that the Government reserves the choice to modify the pension point annually, depending on the budget.

"The proposal to see that the pensions' area works. (...) I asked the Parliament to analyse and allow for the level of pensions to be established by the budget law. Now we take money from the state budget to the pensions' budget", Vladescu said.