Romanian Social-Democratic Party (PSD) leader Victor Ponta declared that the social-democrats are going to submit "another type of censorship motion - a popular motion" the moment they will have raised 236 signatures, Romanian news agency Agerpres informs.

"We will have a very brief text for a censorship measure on Monday, addressing precisely the austerity measures taken by the Government and their effects. (...) Tomorrow [Monday, NB], at the National Permanent Office (BNP), I will submit the proposal for another kind of censorship motion, a popular one. Every PSD deputy and senator will sign it and we will send it to all parliamentary groups and MPs - PNL in the first place, but also to UDMR, PDL and the independents", Ponta said on Sunday for Realitatea TV.

The PSD leader expressed his hope for obtaining 236 signatures, regardless whether this will happen in August or September. According to him, the PSD members will try to get signatures from the constituencies of those in power, should they have to.

"The moment we've got 236 signatures, we'll submit the censorship motion (...). If we fail to submit this tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, I want to raise signatures in the entire country in each constituency of each MP and have a higher number of signatures than the number of votes that this Parliament got. This time it will be a general effort, because it is not only PSD's responsibility to get rid of Emil Boc. It wasn't us who put him in power. (...) I don't want this to be an action triggered only by us. I want the TV channels, unions and everyone to take part. I want every individual to make this effort and sign that they ask deputies and senators to sign the motion", the PSD leader said.