The Romanian Constitutional Court rejected today a new notice put together by 40 opposition senators against an article featured by the new Law addressing the achieve of balance in the state budget, which entails a 25% cut in salaries in the public sector.

The 40 opposition senators, coming from the National Liberal Party Parliamentary Group and the PSD+PC political Alliance parliamentary Group, consider this measure to be unconstitutional. The Constitutional Court (CCR) ruled out, unanimously, that this notice was inadmissible, a CCR communiqué indicates.

According to the new austerity measure adopted by the Romanian Government, public sector employees are to see all salaries supported by the state budget, including rewards and any other income rights in lei or foreign exchange, shrunk by 25%.

The Romanian Constitutional Court ruled on June 25 that the article was constitutional. On the other hand, CCR judges decided that the cut in pensions is unconstitutional. In the meantime, opposition senators submitted a new notice addressing the alleged unconstitutionality of the article regarding the 25% cut in public sector salaries.