The leadership of Romania's governing Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) faces increasing tensions before September 1, the deadline set for a government reshuffling. A new scandal broke during a party leadership meeting on Monday night, where two top representatives got involved in a tense argument on the issue of state-owned shares in Petrom oil company. According to sources, the subject of a government reshuffle was discussed quickly as PM Emil Boc promised a meeting on the issue with PDL MPs before September 1.

The list of names of possible members of the government facing a reshuffle includes ministers Adriean Videanu, Radu Berceanu, Sebastian Vladescu and Gabriel Sandu.

Sources said that top PDL official Cezar Preda urged minister Adriean Videanu in tough terms to reconsider his plans to launch a bid for the sale of the 10% stake the Romanian state holds in oil company Petrom. Preda was also said to have criticized the activity of Finance minister Sebastian Vladescu.

The situation is watched closely by opposition parties considering a possible censure motion against the government, for which they would need the support of current representatives of the governing parties. On Tuesday, PDL Senator Georgica Severin announced his resignation from the group, after weeks of announcing the possibility of such a move.