Romanian PM Emil Boc met President Traian basescu on Thursday morning to share with him a black list of ministers included in a government reshuffling plan. The list contained several ministers including Finance minister Sebastian Vladescu and Labor minister Mihai Seitan and Agriculture minister Mihail Dumitru. Instead, President Basescu called for a "serious reshuffling", sources close to the talks told

According to the sources, the list did not include any of the heavyweight leaders of the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) - ministers Vasile Blaga, Adriean Videanu and Radu Berceanu. The head of state is said to have told the prime minister that in his opinion a majority of the ministers should be reshuffled. And he allegedly suggested to Boc that ministers Vasile Blaga and Elena Udrea be kept.

The PM for his part is said to have told the President he trusted that the rest of the ministers could start accessing EU funds and mentioned the support of the MPs for a simple government reshuffling. But sources told that the head of state allegedly told Emil Boc: "Do whatever you want, I'm not getting involved any longer".

The meeting is said to have been attended by ministers Vladescu and Berceanu. Shortly after it, PM Boc and other PDL leaders regrouped at the party HQ in an informal meeting. An official meeting of the PDL leadership was scheduled at the Parliament Palace for Thursday afternoon.