A group of MPs from the governing Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) were planning on Thursday to call for the resignation of prime minister Emil Boc during a party leadership meeting during the afternoon, political sources told HotNews.ro.

They said that the push was led by minister Elena Udrea and their stand was decided following PM Boc's decision to reshuffle top PDL leaders now serving as ministers, such as Sebastian Vladescu (Finance minister) and Mihail Dumitru (Agriculture minister). That is seen as a soft reshuffling of the government, while many call for a strong reshuffle which should include top PDL ministers including Adriean Videanu, Radu Berceanu and Gabriel Sandu.

UPDATE 20:23Those who asked for PM Boc's resignation: Elena Udrea, Raluca Turcan, Sever Voinescu, William Branza, Sulfina Barbu and Roberta Anastase. Raluca Turcan admitted that she requested the resignation of the Boc government.

UPDATE 20:35The College voted for the government re-shuffle with Emil Boc as Prime Minister: 40 votes for re-shuffling, 9 against and 10 abstains.

Later in the afteroon, Boc is said to have give in to pressure by accepting to replace ministers Videanu, Berceanu and Sandu, thus saving his position as prime minister.

Gabriel Sandu confirmed for HotNews.ro that he would be replaced as minister, while Adriean Videanu informed PDL MPs that he was ready to give in should his resignation be requested.