The Conservative Party (PC) calls for Romanian MEP Laszlo Tokes to resign, for his exclusion from the Hungarian Democratic movement (UDMR), as a leader of the PC showed documents on Thursday showing that Ladislau Tokes collaborated with the Securitate - the Ceausescu-era dreaded political police. PC vice-president Bogdan Diaconu, quoted by news agency Agerpres, claimed Ladislau Tokes was the name Laszlo Tokes was known with the Securitate structures. For his part, Tokes provided an answer about the claims to, saying PC proves to be "in a crisis of ideas".

The answer - delivered to by Laszlo Tokes' spokesperson - noted the Conservative Party was the party of Romanian Senator Dan Voiculescu, "known in Securitate circles under the codename of "Felix"". It said the accusations proved lack of creativity in repeated attempts to attack Laszlo Tokes, "a fighter against communism and defender of human and national minority rights".

And the answer said the case shown by Bogdan Diaconu had been proven as early as in the early nineties as a fake.