​The Romanian Government was due to assume responsibility before Parliament over a series of changes to the Labor Code during a joint session of the two houses on Tuesday. The opposition has announced that once the government assumes responsibility it will submit a censure motion against it.

According to Romanian news agency Agerpres, MPs of the governing coalition submitted over 140 amendments to the project to change the Labor Code. About ten of these were agreed upon in a session of the governing coalition. The Government approved on Monday only eight amendments to the Labor Code.

Once the government assumes responsibility, the normative act which it pushed this way is considered adopted and no longer has to be debated in Parliament, unless a censure motion is submitted within three days. If a censure motion is adopted, the Government steps down.

The leadership of the opposition alliance the Social Liberal Union adopted on Monday an official decision to submit the censure motion against the Boc Government when it assumes responsibility to change the Labor Code.

A spokesman for the governing Democratic Liberal Party announced coalition MPs would not vote on the motion, which he said would be rejected because the "Socialist Union" did not have the necessary political force for the moment to push for another government.