One newspaper on Monday reads that Romanian civil society organizations are waste money on seminars rather than implemented action oriented projects to help the Gypsy community. Another newspaper reports that Social Democratic opposition leader Mircea Geoana has opened talks with Liberal PM Tariceanu for a possible governing alliance. Elsewhere in the newspapers, the Liberal government builds up social houses to honor their ministers, magistrates or police officers.

Romania Libera reads about the hundreds of Romanian civil society organizations that claim to be fighting for bettering the conditions of the Gypsy community. However, the money is used to organize seminars and lectures rather than for the implementation of projects targetting their problems.

The newspaper argues that the programs reach only those Gypsies who can do without the organizations helping them. Half of the gypsies in Romania do not have a shelter, access to education or better prospects for the future.

However, there are some professional skills courses that teach Gypsies a profession. The paper reads about the ‘Amare Rromentza’ association that organizes such courses. From a total of 150 gypsies registered at a course, only 84 graduated and 5 got hired doing what they were trained to do.

Association director Neacsu Mihai argues that there are some 200 organizations that claim to help the Gypsy community. Even the government designated authority to deal with the Rroma community spent some 3 million Romanian Ron on seminars, courses or strategies.

Elsewhere in the newspapers, Gandul reads that Social Democrat leader, Mircea Geoana has initiated talks with Romanian Liberal PM Tariceanu regarding a possible alliance.

The paper argues that Geoana was summoned by his party members to push their party into the government by December 3. As Tariceanu failed to offer seats to the Social Democrats, the Opposition party can opt for a tougher stand or a softer one against the government.

Social Democratic members favor a parliamentary protocol with the Liberals, as they wish for a long term collaboration.

More in the news today, Cotidianul reads about several magistrates, policemen and ministers who are about to receive social houses in Bucharest that should be built for the needy.

Cotidianul published the list of people that will benefit from the social project. Among those, are high officials who hold offices in the current Liberal government, or other important names such as former police General Nicolae Avramescu.