All newspapers on Monday read about the announced resignation of Justice minister Tudor Chiuariu, long awaited by the Opposition and pressed for by President Basescu. Also in the news today, Hungarian Democrats turn their wheels to the left for fear of not loosing their electorate.

Cotidianul reads about the announced decision of Justice minister Tudor Chiuariu to resign, after President Basescu urged PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu on Friday to dismiss the Justice and Labor ministers.

However, Chiuariu claims that he decided to resign as his name was involved in a corruption case investigated by the anti-graft prosecutors and not at the call of the head of state.

PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu fully supported Chiuariu and replied to the President that his government was currently undertaking other economic and social priorities.

Chiuariu declared he was willing to take back the seat once his reputation is cleared and the file he is involved in is classified.

During his nine months as Justice incumbent, Chiuariu was often under the spotlight both nationally and internationally. Among other deeds, he requested that anti-graft top prosecutor Doru Tulus be dismissed and he summoned European Union officials to refrain from positively portraying in their annual country report the Romanian Anti-graft Department.

Gandul reads that Chiuariu's resignation was secretly decided. The newspaper adds that his resignation came as a surprise both for his party colleagues and the government.

Moreover, sources in the party argue that the party had no immediate replacement for Chiuariu.

Transparency International-Romania director Victor Alistar and Liberal Party vice-president Norica Nicolai are the names put forward by Evenimentul Zilei.

The paper adds that PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu favors Victor Alistar as he ignored Norica Nicolai's lobby to be named Justice Minister several times in the past.

However, Liberal vice-president Crin Antonescu declared that he would support his colleague for the vacant seat.

Also in the news today, Hungarian Democrats union (UDMR), the junior member in the current Liberal government, are turning left as they fear they will fail to receive the threshold to enter the Parliament in the 2008 elections, Evenimentul Zilei informs.

Even if their ideology will collide with the Social Democrats, Hungarian Democrats are willing to do everything in their power to regain their electorate, stolen in these elections by Hungarian radicals.

UDMR leader Marko Bela points his finger to the Romanian President Basescu who in the past months sustained and pushed the Hungarian Radicals forward.